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Welcome to this post on Legalmail Login . We recommend that you read our article carefully to log in to Legalmail . Before the Legalmail login process , we would like to inform you about Legalmail. We will cover all the details on Legalmail access later.

Legalmail login steps are a simple process. It is useful to know Legalmail before accessing Legalmail . Legalmail is an e-mail service belonging to the PEC postal service. Legalmail, which is designed to be used by private companies or corporate companies, is often used by many individuals and institutions in Italy. Legalmail access is as simple as a process of creating a gmail account .

Legalmail Access Process and Subscription Packages

For Legalmail access , you must first choose one of the service packages and purchase it. Legalmail offers 3 different mailbox services. These services are Bronze , Silver , and Gold mailboxes . The details of these packages can be found in the table below:



Mailbox size 5 GB 8 GB 15 GB
Security Archive – Backup
Email notification
SMS notification
Mobile conversion
Read BtoB invoices x
Manage NSO orders x
Strong authentication
Anti Phishing
Invii Massivi
Annual price € 25 + VAT € 39 + VAT 75 € + VAT

View 1 to 10 of 10 items


If you don’t want to buy one of Legalmail ‘s annual packages right away , you can try it first. Because you can start your trial subscription for 6 months now and have your free email account for 6 months. Click to start Legalmail trial subscription.

Legalmail Access Steps

Before proceeding with the Legalmail login steps , it is useful to examine the features of the Gold subscription. If you purchase a Gold membership, you can access your inbox on mobile devices. It is also possible to receive SMS notifications. In other words, when an email arrives at your email address, you will receive an SMS notification from your mobile. This service is also available in Gold, Bronze and Silver subscription packages. Also strong authentication system and phishing protection service is also available. All these services are free services provided with Legalmail.

High security antivirus and antispam services are also activated during Legalmail access . As you can see, Legalmail provides services that fully consider you.

For Legalmail access you have to follow these steps:

  • Click this linkfor Legalmail Access .
  • Then type your username or e-mail address in the UserID or box namefield that you see on the screen.
  • In the Passwordfield  just below this section, you need to enter the password for your membership.
  • After this step, you will have successfully completed the Legalmail Loginprocess . This was the whole process.

Legalmail Access and Legal Information

Legalmail Access provides legal protection and message archiving. In this context, the encryption service of your e-mails in Legalmail is provided. In addition, the process of signing all messages with a digital signature is included in all service packages.

You can forward all your messages in Legalmail to another email. If you believe that a message you have received is not certified, you can reject this message or accept it if you wish. In all service packs, the storage size of a single message is limited to a maximum of 100MB. It is also possible to send messages to 500 e-mail addresses at the same time. Messages can be accessed via web email and via the mobile email application.

All Legalmail mailboxes are protected by the InfoCert certificate, which provides services fully compatible with the infrastructure of the Revenue Agency. The creation of the investigative file is also part of the Legalmail service.

If you liked this article we wrote about Legalmail Login , don’t forget to share it with your friends. Although the Legalmail login is a simple process, many people find it difficult to find the login link. In this context, our article will help you. Finally, we would like to remind you that you can start a trial subscription before purchasing paid Legalmail email packages.

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