How Delete Windows 10 Account

Have you done a lot of Google searches to delete Windows 10 accounts and haven’t come to the conclusion? Then this article is for you. Deleting Windows 10 accounts may vary depending on the version of the operating system you are using. In this article, “ How to Delete Windows 10 Account? “We touched on the issues.

Is it really beneficial for Windows 10 users to use the operating system with a Microsoft account ? One advantage of this is obviously a lot if you are a cross-platform Windows user. You can install apps on any device with one account. Useful for authentication on the Windows 10 platform , the Microsoft account was recently criticized for accessing personal data. In this case, if you think Microsoft is “bullying” , you can get this permission from Microsoft forever.

Delete Windows 10 Account

From this point on, the special Microsoft account box you see at the bottom of the account management page can be removed completely at our request, or it can be registered for this account at another time. It is very easy to delete Windows 10 accounts . Here are the details.

How to Delete Windows 10 Account?

Do you have two or more administrator accounts on your Windows 10 computer? Do you want to remove or delete Windows 10 administrator account? In this guide we will see how to remove or delete Windows 10 administrator accounts . Deleting Windows 10 administrator accounts is as simple as deleting standard Windows 10 user accounts . However, to delete Windows 10 administrator account, you need to log in as an administrator.

When deleting Windows 10 administrator account, all data saved in that account is deleted. For example, you will lose your documents, pictures, music and other items from your account desktop. Therefore, it’s a good idea to back up all data in your account to another location or move your downloaded desktop, documents, images, and folders to another drive.

  • To delete Windows 10 administrator accounts , you need to log in as an administrator. In other words, it is not possible to delete or remove an administrator account from a standard user account.
  • You cannot delete or remove the administrator account you are currently logged into. To remove the account you are currently logged in to, create a newadministrator account (if you only have an administrator account), log into the new administrator account, select the administrator account, and then delete the current Windows 10 account .
  • Deleting an account will remove all of its data from your computer. All desktop items, documents, music, pictures and downloads are deleted. If your data is very important, make a backup before proceeding.

Delete A Windows 10 Administrator Account Via “Settings”

  • Open the “ Settings ” application by simultaneously pressing the Windows + Ihotkeys .
  • Go to Accounts / Family and other accountsin the Settings app. If you are using the Windows 10 Enterprise edition, go to Accounts> Other Accounts .
  • Here you can view all the standard administrator and user accounts. As I said before, the account you are currently logged in with does not appear in the list. For example, if you have two administrator accounts ” A” and ” B ” on your computer, you need to log in to delete the administrator account ” B ” for account ” B “
  • Select the administrator account you want to delete or remove and click the ” Remove ” button
  • When the confirmation dialog appears below, click the ” Delete Account and Data ” button to delete the account and all data from the users in the account

What Will Happen After Deleting Windows 10 Accounts?

After deleting Windows 10 accounts , the saved settings and personal data of the deleted user are deleted from the computer. Note that deleting Windows 10 accounts is not deleting Microsoft accounts .

In other words, if there is a Microsoft account linked to the deleted account, this account will continue to exist. In short, “ How to delete Windows 10 account? The answer to the question is simply deleting the login information on the computer. If you liked our article, don’t forget to write a comment. We also ask that you share our site with your friends. This way we can help everyone. Remember, knowledge multiplies when it is shared.

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