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Before we get to delete Outlook account , let’s talk about Outlook. Outlook is both an email service and a kind of personal information manager. Furthermore, Outlook is one of the oldest Microsoft -centric mail software . With the advent of different email applications, many users have started looking for ways to delete Outlook accounts . This article describes how to delete Outlook account .

An affiliate of Microsoft, Outlook is a full service providing a variety of services. Many innovations have been created by combining the Outlook and Hotmail services established under the umbrella of Microsoft. Outlook is not only a mail application, but also an application that allows you to organize complex events such as flight or hotel reservations. Prospect; It aims to provide better service to its users with different features like mail, calendar and contacts.

At the same time, Outlook is constantly looking for new positions in the industry relative to its competitors. However, although it continues to renew itself after the diversity in the industry, some users have begun to investigate how to close Outlook accounts . We have detailed all the steps to delete Outlook account .

How to Delete Outlook Account?

First, we point out that to completely close your Outlook.com email account, you need to close your Microsoft account . When your Microsoft account is permanently deleted, your email address and registered contacts are deleted from Microsoft servers.

You can also create a new email account with your existing Outlook.com account. However, if you still want to delete Outlook account , just review the following illustrated explanation to delete Outlook account .

  1. To delete Outlook account, log into your Outlook account directly by clicking on the link: https://account.live.com/closeaccount.aspx
  2. Type your Outlook e-mail address on the page that appears and click the Next button
  3. In the second step, you will be prompted for your Outlook account password. Type in your Outlook account password and click the Sign In button
  4. At this stage, if you delete Outlook account, your losses are listed. If you still want to close your account, click the Next button below to proceed to the next step
  5. This step includes which services linked to your account will be disabled when you delete Outlook account. Select all options here and click the Mark Account for Closing button below and go to the next step
  6. This step is now the last step. Your Outlook account should close after 60 days. Complete the process of deleting Outlook account by clicking the Finish Here button

What Happens After You Close Your OUTLOOK Account?

  • After you delete Outlook account permanently; If you have a balance in your Microsoft account, that balance will be deleted along with the account.
  • You can use your current balance before completing the account deletion. You can spend your balance by purchasing a digital app from the Microsoft Store.
  • If you have subscriptions to the OneDrive, Office 365 and XBox apps, your subscriptions will be deleted after you permanently delete your Outlook account .
  • If you have completely closed your Outlook.com account, you will also lose access to the Hotmail and OneDrive applications. However, if you have stored photos, documents or mail through these accounts, you will also lose access.
  • With the Outlook account you deleted, you won’t be able to reinstall any apps, music, or software you previously purchased. If you do this on the device you are using or on a different device after deleting the account, the data will not open correctly.
  • When to permanently delete Outlook account; You lose the information you manage with HealthVault and MSN Money services. Also, your Messenger contacts that you add in the Skype application are permanently deleted.
  • We mentioned a date in the last step of the process of deletingpermanent Outlook account. Microsoft provides this date 60 days from the time to delete Outlook accounts . In other words, the permanent closure of your account is completed 60 days after making the transaction.
  • This is because Microsoft has suspended your account in case you come back. If you do not log into your Outlook.com account within this period, your account will be completely closed. If you need a new Outlook email account after your account is closed, you need to create a new record in the application.

How to Delete an Outlook Account Without Password?

If you want to delete Outlook account , you need to know your password. Otherwise, you can’t delete Outlook account . If you don’t remember your password, please reset your password first by clicking the link https://account.live.com/ResetPassword.aspx After you reset your password, please go through the Outlook account shutdown process following the above steps one by one.

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