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Deleting a Microsoft account is a fairly straightforward process. Are you really sure you want to delete Microsoft account ? If you want, let’s talk Microsoft account first. A Microsoft account is a service that Microsoft provides for use in its applications, such as Windows Live. The Microsoft account has widespread use. However, many users investigate how to delete Microsoft account for various reasons. In this article, we have explained deleting Microsoft accounts in detail for you.

Deleting Microsoft Account includes deleting all emails and all messages contained in it. You can now choose to remove your email address from Outlook if you have decided that you don’t want to use your Hotmail account. Note that after you delete microsoft account , you can cancel them again. If you have recently deleted it, you can also recover your old emails.

Step by step the Delete Microsoft Account

After all we’ve said, it’s time to delete Microsoft account . Although the process of deleting a Microsoft account is very simple, it is very important that you follow the steps carefully.

First, you need to copy all pictures and documents stored in Microsoft accounts without performing delete Microsoft account . After this process, you can start the process of deleting Microsoft account . You can delete Microsoft account from your computer or cell phone (mobile) . Access the Microsoft website from any browser used on your computer or mobile phone.

  • To delete Microsoft account, click directly on the “ Delete Account ” link: https://account.live.com/closeaccount.aspx?
  • On the page that opens, first enter your username and click the ” Next” button
  • On the page that opens later, enter your password and click on the ” Login” button
  • The page displayed shows the latest warnings before deleting Microsoft account. After reading carefully what is written here, continue the process by clicking the ” Next ” button below
  • The page that appears this time displays 10 situations that are encountered if you delete Miscrosoft accounts. 10 Check the boxes next to the option one by one, select the reason for deleting microsoft account from the drop-down menu and click the “ Mark account for closure ” link below.
  • By clicking on this link, you can complete the process of deleting Microsoft account. At this stage, the next page contains information that your account will be permanently closed after 60 days. You can complete the process by clicking on the ” Finish ” button below.

In step 6, you completed the delete Microsoft account from a computer and a mobile device . If you do not log into your account for 60 days after this step, your account will be permanently closed. If you log into your account within 60 days with your password, all transactions made will be canceled and your account will be reactivated.

Previously, Hotmail, Outlook, and Windows Live accounts were used as e-mail accounts. But today, with a single Microsoft account , you can continue to use email and use many applications with one account. Thanks to the Microsoft account, users, Outlook.com thanks to it, can access services by logging into many different websites and applications. The Microsoft account allows users to manage Outlook , Skype , Office, Microsoft OneDrive and many other applications in one place.

In today’s age of technology, the Microsoft account is a must-have service for anyone providing Internet access. However, some users are wondering how to delete Microsoft account for a different reason. So how to delete Microsoft account ? Here is the process of deleting Microsoft account with all the details.

Considerations Before DELETING MICROSOFT Account

Since users can manage many applications with a single Microsoft account, there are a few situations to consider before deleting Microsoft account permanently. Here’s what to consider before deleting Microsoft accounts :

  1. After you permanently delete a Microsoft account, you cannot sign in to Microsoft products or services.
  2. Before deleting Microsoft account, it would be more reasonable to spend it if your Microsoft account has a balance. Otherwise, your current balance will be deleted along with your account. You can spend the balance in your Microsoft account by purchasing digital content from the Microsoft Store.
  3. If you have an Outlook, Microsoft OneDrive, or Microsoft 365 subscription, you won’t be able to use these services after you clear Microsoft account.
  4. After you delete your Microsoft account, you will not be able to access photos, videos, emails and documents stored in Microsoft services. Therefore, you need to transfer photos, videos and any documents you don’t want to lose to another device before deleting Microsoft account permanently .
  5. You can announce an automatic message to your contacts that you are no longer using your Microsoft account. You can do this via the “Send automatic vacation replies”option in the “Manage account” section . However, these informational messages are canceled 60 days after the account is deleted.
  6. A feature of Microsoft is that children can also open Microsoft accounts, depending on their parents’ accounts. Although the parents delete their Microsoft accounts, the child’s account is not deleted.
  7. On many phones and computers with the Windows version, we need a Microsoft account to access applications. After deleting the permanent Microsoft account, you cannot access the applications on these devices. For this reason, you need to set up your device with a different Microsoft account to be able to access applications before performing delete Microsoft account .

If you pay attention to these situations that you need to consider, your transaction will be successful. We recommend that you be careful and attentive as you follow these steps.

Is it possible to cancel the transaction after I Delete Microsoft Account permanently?

A date will appear at the final stage of the process of deleting Microsoft account . This date is 60 days after deleting Microsoft accounts . If you try to log into your Microsoft account with your username and password during this time, your account will be reactivated and the deletion will be canceled. After your account has been activated, if you want your account to be permanently deleted, you will need to follow the above-mentioned steps again.

If you do not log into your account in any way within the 60 days that Microsoft has granted you, your Microsoft account will be completely closed after this period. If you need a Microsoft account later, you can continue using it by opening a new Microsoft account.

Again, the Microsoft account syncs with many devices, allowing you to access applications. Although deleting permanent Microsoft account can be easily done with our steps, you need to back up your documents and identify a different Microsoft account for the devices you are using before doing the operation to avoid problems later. Otherwise, you will not be able to access all documents stored in Microsoft applications.

How to Delete Microsoft Account if you have forgotten your password?

How to delete Microsoft account if I don’t know my password? the question is constantly being asked. The most correct answer to this question is that you cannot delete Microsoft accounts without a password . To reset your password, click on the following link and follow the instructions to reset your password: https://account.live.com/ResetPassword.aspx?

After resetting your password, follow the steps above to delete Microsoft account . If you like our guide to deleting Microsoft accounts , share it with your friends. If there is a situation you don’t understand, please try to contact us in the comments area below.

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