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The process of deleting Badoo account is very simple. Badoo, which is among the most used dating and dating applications, has been serving as a social network since 2006. The platform, which provides services both on computers and on Android and IOS devices , hosts many users. However, if you don’t like the app, you can delete your account by following the steps to delete Badoo account we have provided for you. Here are the details.

Read on to continue with deleting Badoo account . Badoo is a social networking platform focused on friendship. Founded in 2006, this social networking platform allows users to make new friends, meet new people, share videos and photos, and communicate with other people. The center of the Badoo site is not far from us. The company lives in Cyprus, near Italy. According to data from 2021, it is the 336th most visited website in the world on the Internet in the global Alexa rankings.

How to Delete Badoo Account?

With a history of nearly 15 years, Badoo is one of the oldest active dating platforms. Although the website is still available, it can be said that today the platform focuses more on mobile devices. As a result, there are people who want to delete Badoo accounts with a large number of users and leave. If you have an old account on the platform or if you have tried the application and didn’t like it, you can make sure that your account is deleted from the platform database by following the steps to delete Badoo account permanently , which we have explained in detail by supporting it with pictures.

In short, while it’s not like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , it’s a popular social networking platform. France, Italy, Brazil, Poland and Spain are among the top five countries using Badoo. In other words, it is used by many people in our country. Of course, there will be those who want to leave a platform with so many users. We come into play here. In this topic, we will explain how to delete Badoo account .

Delete Badoo Account

Deleting a Badoo account is a process that can be performed using a browser on both a mobile device and a computer starting in 2021. To delete Badoo account via the browser, you need to log into your Badoo account using one of the Internet browsers. You can permanently delete Badoo account by following the steps below.

Deleting Badoo accounts is easy. Badoo does not allow account deletion on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Therefore, we will delete our account via any desktop or laptop computer. To delete Badoo account , we first log into Badoo.com with our username and password. Then click on the account deletion link below.

Elimina Account Badoo

  • Link to delete Badoo account: https://badoo.com/settings/
    After clicking on the link, let’s follow the steps below.
  • After clicking on the link, scroll to the bottom of the page.
    Click on the “Delete Account”link below.
  • In the window that opens, skip the offers and click on “Delete my profile”
  • Then click on the “Continue” button
  • Please provide your reason why you left Badoo and click on the “Continue” link
  • “What if we try to change your mind?” Skip the question and press the “Delete my account” button again
  • Enter your Badoo password and security code in the window that opens and click on the “delete my account” button
  • Meet “See you again!” the page will appear. Complete the process by pressing the “Close” button

Things to Consider When Deleting Badoo Account

Deleting Badoo accounts does not mean leaving Google , Yahoo , Bing or similar search engines. It may take some time to log out of search engines after deleting your account. If you wish to shorten this period, you can request the removal of the content from the relevant search engine.

Deleting a Badoo account is not required to remove messages, profile visits, likes and favorites. You can easily delete this content from the settings page. For this reason, if you have accidentally deleted your Badoo account, this can cause serious problems. Therefore, if you only want to delete messages, we recommend that you do not delete Badoo account .

Delete Badoo Account Without Password

The Badoo account cannot be deleted without a password. Wherever possible, you should be concerned for your safety. You can only delete Badoo account by following the steps we explained above. It is not possible to delete Badoo account without having already logged into your account.

Therefore, if you have forgotten your Badoo account password, please reset your password by clicking on the link https://badoo.com/forgot/ . If you still want to delete your Badoo account after resetting your password, please follow the steps described in this article.

Deleting a Badoo account is that simple. If you encounter an issue that is not covered in our article on the subject, you can request help using the comment form below. Make sure you follow the spelling rules when asking for help. We also ask you to share this article with your friends.

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